M1)    UNIDO Consultant, Ghana, December 1991, 1 month.

M2)    UNIDO Consultant, Nigeria, June 1992, 1.5 month.

M3)    UNIDO Consultant, Sierra Leone, June 1993, 1 month.

M4)    UNIDO Consultant, Sudan, December 1995, 1 month.

M5)    UNIDO Consultant, Iran, July/August 1996, 3 weeks.

M6)    Scientific Consultant to IFEAT (International Federation of Esential Oils and Aroma Trades) (1996-).

M7)    UNIDO Consultant, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Ethiophia, Ghana, October 1997, 3 weeks.

M8)    Scientific Consultant, TIKTA, Since 2007

M9)    UNIDO Consultant, Egypt, November/December 2012, 10 days

M10)    FAO Consultant, Uzbekistan, February 2013, 1 month

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