I1)    Editor, Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Bulletin (TAB Bülteni), 1 (April 1989), 2-3 (November 1989), 4 (July 1990), 5 (May 1991), 6 (December 1991), 7-8 (January 1993), 9 (July 1993), 10 (July 1994), 11 (August 1995), 12 (December 1996), 13-14 (April 1998), 15 (February 2000).

I2)    Member of the Scientific Committee, Al Biruniya (Morocco) (1986-)

I3)   Member of the International Advisory Board, Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Abstracts (MAPA) (India) (1992-2005)

I4)   Member of the Scientific Committee, Khimiya Prirodnych Soedinenii (Chemistry of Natural Compounds) (Uzbekistan) (1993-)

I5)   Editor, TRUMAP Newsletter, 1 (Spring 1994)

I6)   Member of the Editorial Board, Acta Pharmaceutica Sciencia (formerly Acta Pharmaceutica Turcica) (1994-)

I7)   Member of the Advisory Board, Turkish Journal of Botany (1995-)

I8)   Member, International Board of Referees, ARKIVOC On-line Journal of Organic Chemistry (2000-)

I9)   Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Essential Oil Research (2000-)

I10)    Member, Editorial Board, Bioactive Natural Products (2005-)

I11)    Member, Advisory Board, G.U. Journal of Science (2005-2008)

I12)    Member, Editorial Board , International Journal of Essential Oil Therapeutics (IJEOT) (2007-)

I13)    Member, Editorial Board, Records of Natural Products (2007-)

I14)    Member, Editorial Board, Turkish Journal of Biology (2008-)

I15)    Member, Editorial Board, EurAsian Journal of BioSciences (EJOBIOS) (2007-)

I16)    Member, Editorial Board, PHARMEUROPA: The European Pharmacopoeia Forum (2008-)

I17)    Member, Editorial Board, Turkish Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2009-)

I18)    Member, Editorial Board, Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines (2009-)

I19)    Member, Editorial Board, FACTA UNIVERSITATIS: Series Physics, Chemistry and Technology (2010-)

I20)    Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Biotechnology for Wellness Industries (2012-)

I21)    Member, Editorial Board, Pharmaceutical Bulletin (Kazakhstan) (2013-)

I22)    Editor-in-Chief, Natural Volatiles and Essential Oils (NVEO) (2014-)

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