Project Reports

Project Reports

G1)    The Alkaloids Thalictrum minus  Growing in Turkey, TBAG-439, K.H.C.Baser, Ocak 1981, Eskisehir. (85 pages)

G2)    Alkaloids of the Aristolochia species of Anatolia , TBAG-609, KH.C.Baser, 1985, Eskisehir. (75 pages)

G3)   Production of Pharmaceutical Materials from Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Terminal Report, UNDP/UNIDOProjesi DP/TUR/83/003, K.H.C.Baser, Nisan 1989, Eskisehir (11 pages)

G4)   Study Tour to Science Parks in U.K., K.H.C.Baser, November 1990, Eskisehir. (26 pages)

G5)    Processing of Herbal Pharmaceutical Materials based on Traditional Ghanaian Therapies, UNIDO Mission Report by K.H.C.Baser and S.Balasubramaniam, December 1991, Accra / Ghana. (74 pages)

G6)    Processing of Nigerian Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Industrial Utilization, UNIDO Mission Report by K.H.C.Baser and M.B.Narasimha, June 1992, Lagos/Nigeria. (57 pages)

G7)   Fact Finding and Preparatory Assistance to Assess the Potential for the Industrial Utilization of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Sierra Leone, UNIDO Mission Report by K.H.C.Baser and C.A.Mac Foy, June 1993, Freetown/Sierra Leone. (68 pages)

G8)    The Investigation of Some Allium  species  (Sect. Allium  ) of Turkey for Sulphur compounds, TBAG 1066, K.H.C.Baser, M.Koyuncu, M.Kosar, Kas›m 1993, Eskisehir. (93 pages )

G9)   Production of Pharmaceutical Materials from Medicinal and Aromatic Plants- Phase II, Terminal Report, UNDP/UNIDOProjesi DP/TUR/88/001, K.H.C.Baser, Mayıs 1994, Eskisehir (204 pages)

G10) The Investigation of the Pharmacological Activities of Plant Drugs, 89120330, DPT (SPO) Project, K.H.C. Baser, 1993

G11)   Development of Facilities for Purification of Natural Products and Elucidation of Chemical Structures, 91K120270, DPT (SPO) Project, October 1994, Eskisehir (329 pages).

G12)    Fact-Finding and Preparatory Assistance to Assess the Potential for the Industrial Utilization of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Sudan, UNIDO Mission Report by K.H.C.Baser and K.Abeywickrama, December 1995, Khartoum/Sudan (90 pages)

G13)   Preparatory Assistance on the Establishment of Research and Development, Teaching and Information Centre for Processing Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, UNIDO Mission Report by K.H.C.Baser, August 1996 Tehran/Iran,  (77 pages).

G14)   Development of Technologies for Production and Fractionation of Essential Oils from Aromatic Plants, Priority Field Project (TBAG-1330) Project Director: Prof. Dr. K.H.C. Baser, November 1996, Eskisehir (97 pages).

G15)    The Selection of Participants for the Workshop on the Promotion of Quality Improvement of Aromatic Plant Products in Selected African LDCs (Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana). UNIDO Mission Report by Prof. Dr. K.H.C. Baser, October 1997 (28 pages).

G16)   Study of the Technology,Yield and Composition of Essential Oils from Some Eucalyptus species

Grown in Turkey (Turkiye?de Yetistirilen Bazi Okaliptus (Eucalyptus) Turlerinin Ucucu Yag Verim ve Bilesimlerinin ve Uretim Teknolojilerinin Belirlenmesi), K.H.C. Baser, A.G. Gulbaba, N. Azcan, M. Kara, N. Kirimer, M. Kurkcuoglu, T. Ozek, N. Ozkurt, Ministry of Forestry Publ. No: 084, DOA Publ. No: 11 (ISSSN: 1300-912 (1998).

G17)   Development of Processing and Analysis Techniques for Medicinal and Aromatic Products from Plant Materials using Fluidized Gasses, Anadolu University Research Fund Project (AUAF 23.3.1996 Reg. No 10, Line No 8), March 1996- March 2000 (124 pages).

G18)   Screening of the Flora of Turkey for New Flavour and Fragrance Materials, 95K120280, SPO Project, March 1995- March 2001 (680 pages).

G19)    Determination of Natural Rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis L.) Populations in Mersin and Adana Provinces, and their oil yields and chemical contents, A.G. Gulbaba, N.Ozkurt, M.Kurkcuoglu, K.H.C.Baser, Ministry of Forestry Publ. No: 193, DOA Publ. No: 25 (2002).

G20)    Research into yield and compositions of Mentha taxa collected from Marmara region (Marmara Bölgesinden toplanan nane taksonlarının uçucu yağ verim ve kompozisyonları üzerine araştırmalar), TUBITAK Project (SBAG-105S089), Sept 2005-Sept 2008.

G21)    Enzymatic polymerization of terpenes and modelling of reaction kinetics, Project Team: A. Tanyolac, K.H.C. Baser, F. Demirci, N. Aktas, O. Ozmen, TUBITAK Project 108M015, August 2010 (250 pages)

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